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What would it be like to finally have the freedom you so desperately desire...freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of CHOICE?!

The world of day trading is changing lives, changing families, it's changing generations. It's also not just a man's world anymore...the face of this industry is starting to look like you...and look like me! (we need even more women saying YES!)

Now, there is so much access to the knowledge needed to be successful making money trading foreign currencies, crypto and other assets with just your laptop and the internet, often in just 1-2 hours a day! The Academy makes it even EASIER to accelerate the learning curve!

I am committed to helping women become abundant in time, money and fulfillment. You are worthy of abundance, money wisdom, and a life where nothing is off limits. As an Emotional Scientist, Prosperity, and Transformational Coach, I am here to guide you to PROFITABLE CONSCIOUSNESS!

Let’s do this together!


Hello, I am Jena!

  • I am a mother, wife, Emotional Scientist, Prosperity and Transformational Mentor, day trader, motivational speaker, artist, and committed to eradicating unrealized human potential through living consciously and abundantly! 

    When it comes to my transformational coaching, I have always been passionate about helping people evolve and raise their self-awareness by actively listening not only for what IS said, but also unsaid. I hold a safe space and provide borrowed belief so that others may stretch beyond their comfort zone. I am ALL about supporting women in RISING BRAVELY and collapsing the gap between where they are and where they desire to be through emotional consciousness, energetics and radical ownership! 

    As the creator of the 4 Egoic Archetypes, Ego Tricks and The Detachment Method, being a BRAVE MASTER and BRAVE TRADER is just a shift away where fear eradication, mindset mastery, and emotional IQ is elevated!

    If I can go from financially and spiritually bankrupt to being a successful entrepreneur, day trader and transparent truth teller, I can help you shift from struggling and stagnant TO claiming your power, your confidence and taking result-derived actions! It's time to get your BRAVE ON and RISE BRAVELY!

  • If you haven't already, join my FB group: http://bravemasters.com/braveFB

    Visit my website to learn more about my work in the world:  http://bravemasters.com

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much money do I need to start trading with a live broker account?

    The minimum deposit depends on the broker that you choose to use, yet most brokers let you start with as little as $100-$250. Most of our community begins with $200-500 in their account. Also know that the money that you grow and compound will be in your own broker account and no one will ever see your finances (it is completely separate from the academy). 

    How long does it take to see a profit?

    This depends on the individual person and the time that is dedicated to practicing, educating and the effort put in. The average person trades on a demo account for 1-2 months. Luckily you can use a free demo account until you feel comfortable and confident to trade with real money. This is NOT a get rich quick, yet depending on your commitment, emotional resilience and mindset (which I can help with :-), the journey is yours to create!

    Regarding the Academy subscription, can I cancel anytime?

    Yes! The educational platform (IM Academy) is month to month so you can cancel anytime. You can also upgrade and downgrade as you wish. (From the individual FRX, HFX, or DCX programs to the Elite program)

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    If you sign up and it isn't what you are looking for, then you can cancel within 7 days and get a refund.

    Why don't more people do this?

    Because they don't know they CAN!

    Are you making your money from trading or referring others? Do I have to sign people up?

    I am personally committed to day trading and making money from the skill which affords me the freedom I value the most. It is changing my life and many others. Once I found this amazing academy where you could learn from masters and have everything needed to master the skill (all in one place), it was impossible NOT to share it. I make some on the affiliate side since I believe in multiple streams of income and helping people thrive. But there is no product to be sold here, no inventory etc. Everyone I have talked to makes more trading than referring. And no, I will never push you nor anyone else will ask you to sign anyone up. You can trade and never tell a soul. If you are interested in the affiliate side, I am happy to help you get started there too. HAPPY TRADING!

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