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Brave Entrepreneur

Check out my podcast episodes where I interview high profile entrepreneurs and everyday business owners just like yourself to see just how BRAVE they had to be to get to where they are. Watch and listen to over 200 amazing episodes by clicking HERE

PS. Rebranding of podcast coming soon!

Prosperity Via Day Trading

Brave Traders

So many clients of mine desire freedom of time, money, location and choice. I have not only become a day trader myself, but I also help others navigate the journey of learning the skill and bridging the gap between emotional resilience and trading. 90% of success in anything is mindset and emotional consciousness! Find out more by clicking HERE.

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When you feel stuck in a rut or sitting on a plateau, sometimes the best thing to do is lean on a mentor that can quickly reframe, advise or offer perspective so you can gain clarity and direction...FAST!!! Join me on a zoom call to do just that. One session. One hour. Massive breakthrough! Click HERE to schedule. 

Hi, I am Jena.

I'm an Emotional Scientist, Mindset Performance Coach, and International Speaker (plus Day Trader) for high net worth, high achieving individuals, celebrities, and CEOs ..AND the Creator of The Ego Tricks, Egoic Archetypes & Detachment Method.

I love helping you get radically brave in your life, career and/or business by cracking open the nuances of the ego mind which keeps you playing small and "safe" so that the higher self can be in the driver’s seat. A successful outcome requires self leadership, mindset mastery, emotional IQ, and being a BRAVE MASTER! Although I provide clients with result-driven self-mastery strategy, it’s insufficient for permanent change to occur if we don’t also outsmart our egos!

If you're struggling to break through plateaus...time to break the pattern cycle. 

If you find yourself dealing with less than desirable circumstances or results... time to change your point of attraction. 

If you know you want more, yet not clear as to how to get it or why it hasn't happened yet...time to define who you have to become to have it.

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Mindset Performance & Emotional Resilience Activation

The most powerful thing we can do for personal growth is work with someone that can see our blindspots. I love helping people break pattern cycles, step into higher potential, and elevate their consciousness so that they can have more of what they want faster - I listen to what is said behind the words and then intuitively respond. Prosperity, achievement, success and ascension begin with facing self and choosing new behaviors and actions. Let's discover what code needs cracked so you get the results you want now. 

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Podcasts & Speaking

Inspirational Story | Raise Profitable Consciousness | Transform Lives

There use to be a time where sharing my story really scared me. It was hard to be so vulnerable. Now I know it's the only way to connect to the humanness of all. Below is my current speaker sheet. If you would like to impact your audience positively through story telling, mindset shifting and transformational action oriented concepts, reach out so we can discuss whether or not I am a good fit for your experience. 

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The Ego Shift Experience

Course + Collective Group Coaching + VIP Upgrades

It's time to take off the mask of the ego and transform your reality!

When you're connected and aligned with your higher self, which I call your Essence, and can discern the crazy voices going on in your minds (you know the ones...the crazy "what if", fear driven, egoic chatter versus the peaceful, all-knowing higher self voice) then you begin to live a life of higher purpose, flow, and PROFITABLE CONSCIOUSNESS™.

This course will guide you through the critical steps to discover what drives you, what you REALLY want in your life, business/career, and how to actualize it now!

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Let me share in your story so I can show you how to truly expand...

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